Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Or do they?  We have finally decided to do something about fencing our back yard.  Previously, we were going to try to do without.  We even removed the chain link fence on one side of our yard.  There’s something about breaking down barriers and having more open space that feels good.  Until you’re looking into the yard of a neighbor who has not raked a single leaf since 2006, and said leaves are beginning to blow into your yard.  And you’re beginning to think it might be easier to get things done around the house if you were sure your children (2 and 4) were contained.

View of backyard from my deck

View of backyard from my deck

So I called around and I have three different fencing companies coming in to give us a quote.  We’re not sure yet what style we’ll choose yet, but I am sure cost will play a big role.  As with every project, there are about a thousand choices – wood, vinyl, cedar, iron, etc.

But back to that neighbor with the unkempt yard.  There was once a standard stockade fence between us.  A couple of years ago, we had a bad ice storm and sections of the fence, which was already rotting, fell over.  Since then, every storm has wreaked a little more havoc on the sections still standing.   We verified through surveying that the fence is not ours, but it is on part of our property.  We’ve wondered daily when the neighbor, who we rarely see, is going to just take it down altogether.  Here we are still wondering, and finally starting to make a move on our own.

What we’d really like to do is take down the last two sections of fence ourselves.  But what would our neighbor think?  Not knowing what kind of person she is, would this trigger some legal action?  The major issue is that we cannot get in contact with this neighbor to let her know of our impending plans.  We’ve stopped by several times, we’ve spoken to her son, we’ve left our number, but we have yet to see her or hear from her.  I am hopeful the fencing contractors can give us some pointers on addressing this situation.  Contractor #1 should be here this afternoon.

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