Getting the Garden Going

One thing I do love about owning my own home is gardening.  Especially right now, when there’s plenty of time to plan and dream and no weeds to worry me for a couple more weeks.

This year, we’re  continuing our quest to have a vegetable garden that actually yields more than crab grass, dandelions, and tasteless lettuce.  I blame last year’s poor showing on all the unusually hot weather we had, but it really could be that I just have a brown thumb.  Either way, I’m not throwing in the towel yet.

We are keeping things manageable by using the square foot gardening technique in a 4×4 plot.  The plan is to start planting the early season lettuce and carrots in the next couple of days, with peppers, pole beans, luffa, basil, and watermelons to follow in mid-May.  I maybe pushing it by planting carrots this soon, but I thought I’d see what happens.  I can always replant later.

My Garden

My 4x4 veggie garden.

I’ve done a lot more research and reading this year as compared to last year, and definitely feel better prepared to nurture a garden.  I think a lot of it has to do with my girls being another year older, and me having more time.  I have started some seedlings indoors that are so far showing great promise.  They are being lovingly cared for by myself and my oldest.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed they make the journey into the garden and eventually into my salad bowl.

My seedlings.

My seedlings.

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