Kitchen Dreams…Dashed

Home ownership has involved more personal manual labor than I ever thought possible.  While we have made the decision not to put the fence in ourselves, we have decided to take on the kitchen.  After a lot of research and numerous quotes we have decided that the cost of our dream kitchen would far exceed the amount typically suggested for a kitchen renovation (about 10-15% of a home’s worth).  Our home value has tanked since 2006, so our dream kitchen would end up at about 20%, and we’re not sure we’ll be staying in one place long enough to recoup the cost.

So I spent today painting our kitchen cabinets, as I have spent every day for the last two and half weeks.  Glop, feeling the need to do something about our circa 1970 site-built cabinets, bought an allegedly “all-in-one” cabinet painting system from Home Depot earlier this month.  The system, called Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations, is not quite as turnkey as we’d hoped.  In addition to the kit’s suggested two coats of furniture-grade paint, we’ve had to do double coats of a super duty Zinsser primer.  I do not blame the kit, but rather the transformation we are trying to make – from dark, cherry stained cabinets (pictured below) to pristine white.

My kitchen cabinets

My original kitchen cabinets.

I am now suffering alongside Glop in what has to be our most ambitious DIY project yet.  In addition to doing the cabinets, we are going to replace the current green laminate counter (probably with more laminate), paint the walls, and perform a few other cosmetic updates.  But I believe it will all be worth it in the end, which I’m guessing will be somewhere around late summer!  I will post pictures as we progress.

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