On the fence about a fence

Now I’m overthinking the fence. Do we really need to fence the WHOLE backyard?  Do I really want to spend an extra $4,000 to do that?  Or would I rather send my daughter to private kindergarten.  Or take a vacation.  Or sock it away.  I am getting cold feet.  No matter what, we must spend 2K to fence the back line.  But now I’m agonizing about whether or not we really need 6 feet of stockade as far as the eye can see.


Keeps the kids in (in theory).

Keeps others, including stray dogs, out.

Looks neat, adds to curb appeal.

Probably adds some value should we sell the house.

Marks our territory.

Handy if we ever get a dog.


VERY expensive.

Something else to maintain.


Not eco-friendly (think of the trees that went down for my fence).

Kids could still escape if they really try.

What to do?

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