Too many shoes, and other organizing woes

It has come to my attention that shoes are quickly overtaking my living space.   Baskets, bins, and boot trays simply aren’t enough to contain them all.  What’s that you say?  Why can’t I just get rid of a few?  Well, I live here in lovely NH, where the weather pattern is as predictable as my toddler’s temperament.  (I need flip flops, winter boots, rain boots, loafers, sneakers, AND clogs available to me on a daily basis.)  I could run off to the nearest Christmas Tree Shop for a cheap tower of plastic that might take one or two blows from my preschooler before it’s down for the count.  Or, in the spirit of this blog, I could make a shoe rack myself that enhances my home and my quality of life on a more permanent basis.

A closet mounted rack is not an option, as we use that space for other items considerably more valuable than shoes (four years worth of winter coats, mittens without matches, games missing critical pieces – you get the picture).

What?  What’s that you say?  I should be sorting through all my crap instead of blogging about it?  Yes.  True.  But  the more I organize and toss the more there is to do.  As I do one task, things pile up elsewhere.  Today, for example, I photographed and cataloged a year’s worth of my four-year-old’s artwork.  I get a gold star for saving her work for posterity while simultaneously ridding the house of clutter!  But wait, no.  That gold star is unceremoniously revoked for serving a horrible crock pot dinner (you know the kind, involving cream of celery soup), which I resorted to in order to make the time to do the said cataloging in between shuttling children to school and myself to the dentist.

But I digress.  Back to finding a suitable shoe storage solution.  Here’s what my online research turned up.

Honorable Mention:  Cork Mud Mat

Not a storage solution, but a great idea and a good excuse to drink more wine.

Runner Up:  Shoe Rack Made From Shipping Pallet

Very simple, would not challenge my DIY skills at all, but a little too dorm room.  Gets my vote for being green.

Top Pick:  DIY Shoe Rack Using Drain Pipes.

I’m thinking of doing this but with used coffee canisters from Trader Joes.  We certainly drink enough coffee that I could have room for 20 pairs of shoes by the fall!  Seriously, though, I’m going to go to Home Depot with this design in mind and see what comes of it.

I should mention that the site that led me to many of these ideas was re-nest, which has a lot of other fascinating green ideas for the home.

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