10 Things I Love About My House

When the toilet leaks or the siding rots, it helps to be able to put it all in perspective.  So here are 10 things I love about my house.  I promise Glop I will revisit this list every time I complain that our house is really a large, cleverly disguised shack.

10.  I love that my front rooms get the morning sun.

9.  Fireplace.  I did not have one growing up and always dreamed about the day I’d be able to curl up in front of a roaring fire on a snowy winter night.

8. My new fence!  ‘Nuf said.

7.  Hardwood floors.  When they’re clean (which I wish was more often) and I don’t look at the furniture or walls, I can pretend I’m in a room from House Beautiful.  Again, another detail I fantasized about when growing up in a Cape with wall-to-wall carpeting.

6.  Master bath.  Yes, it’s tiny (my bedroom closet is actually twice its size), but I do not have to leave the bedroom to use the bathroom at night.  And, added bonus, I do not have to share a bathroom with two little girls and a ton of toothpaste globs.

5. Lots of rooms.  I can find solitude (aka a hiding place) from my children if I keep moving from one  to another.  Eventually they give up and fight play together and I get a little peace.

4.  Two car garage.  First, I love it because I never have to go out into the snow or rain to run an errand or take the kids to school (except for right now and maybe into the next decade, while we use one side of the garage to finish our homegrown kitchen renovation).  But, thinking positively, there’s space for two vehicles, a snow blower, a lawn mower, gallons of hazardous household waste, bikes, a cozy car, a wagon, beach stuff, gardening stuff, three bikes, a children’s ride-on tractor with hitch, and all kinds of yard tools and toys in various states of disrepair.  And did I mention an attic above that, filled with sleds, skis, and God knows what else.  Hmmm…maybe it’s possible I have too much space.

3.  Screened porch.  Keeps mosquitoes out, great for gatherings, can watch the kids play while eating (as long as Ab does not need a push on the swing).  I love sunny summer mornings when the girls bring their puzzles and crayons out and I sit and have a cup of coffee while we talk and play.  I love summer evenings when Glop and I sit out with a glass of wine and listen to the cicadas.  He might claim this is one of his least favorite features of our shack, because it was built all wrong and it’s probably rotting out beneath our feet, but if he really thought about it he might conclude, like me, that it’s a haven.  And it makes for good winter storage.

2.  Finished, heated basement.  Nothing like having a place for the kids to romp when its raining or snowing.  Also good for storage.  Wait – noticing a trend here.   My house isn’t a shack – it’s just a really big yellow closet!

1.  First floor laundry.  I complain ceaselessly about doing laundry, but it would be so much worse without first floor machines.  It makes it possible to multitask at a whole new level – I can cook, clean, watch the kids and throw in a load, thus freeing up enough time for Glee.

What do you love most about your house?

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