Stirring it Up in the Kitchen

Paint, that is.  I finally have an update on our kitchen “transformation.”  Sadly, I do not have earth-shaking before and after photos.  I have no Ty Pennington on hand to “move that bus.”  But I do have insight into how renovations happen in real life.  Slowly.  Painfully.  With dust and splinters and lots of fighting.  Paint splatters and misplaced screws.  Ruined $15 paint brushes, last minute trips to Home Depot, agitation, frustration and similar states of being.  We sand a board, we have a bout of hand-foot-and-mouth disease.  We slap on a coat of paint, we have a lawn to mow.  We attach hardware to one cabinet, then it’s out for groceries or gymnastics.  I’d like to say the kitchen is a priority, but when I look back at the past two months, life really comes first.  I can see why people shell out the big bucks for turnkey renovations.

So here’s what’s new since my last update in April (APRIL!).

We’ve gone from this:

Kitchen Cabinet Box

to this:

You can laugh now.  But it looks good, no?   By the time we finish, my hair will be the same color as my cabinets.

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