How to Keep Kids Busy in the Garden

This one’s really easy, as long as you don’t mind making it bath night.   Kids will stay busy in the garden for hours if you give them free reign with water – from a spray bottle, watering can, hose, bucket, cup – any handy container.  I find it really frees me up to do the more onerous gardening chores, like weeding.  But water + garden dirt = MUD, so be prepared.

Here are my sweeties getting busy in the flower garden…which is finally looking like something.

We started with close-to-empty beds three years ago and thanks to our neighbors and many trips to Home Depot we’ve added a number of beautiful perennials.  My favorites are the English Daisy, Sweet William, and Bearded Iris.  And the Hosta, of course, for its ability to thrive just about anywhere in our yard – full sun or deep shade.

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One Response to How to Keep Kids Busy in the Garden

  1. Terri says:

    Your sweeties look mighty clean-perhaps “after”pictures with them covered in mud!!!!

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