What You Get for Being an Impatient Gardener

Dying to know if we managed to grow something edible in our garden, I pulled some carrots today:

Not exactly something you’d find at Whole Foods.  The picture makes them look larger than they actually are.  The one below gives a better idea of scale:

Sunny could fit the them right in her purse, no?  (She does like to garden in style.)

Despite their puny appearance, the carrots were really very sweet.  Sunny called them her “tasty garden fresh baby carrots” and was very disappointed we did not have more than six for dinner.  I told her we could pull the last six tomorrow.   They’ve been in the ground over two months, and I don’t think giving them a few more weeks would do much.  Poor soil quality is probably at the root of their problem (ha).

Wait ’til we get to the tomatoes…

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3 Responses to What You Get for Being an Impatient Gardener

  1. Domestiç Reclusë says:

    Wow, it’s nice you’ve got room for a garden of edibles! I’d save me some $$ if I could grow a few tomatoes,carrots, & especially onions in a garden, but I tend to be a crop-killer (no green thumb), so even if we had the space — not sure I’d want to venture into gardening without someone walking me through it all. Heck, I was pulling weeds out of our backyard today & realized that some of it might not have been weeds after all! ROFL

    • glip says:

      I have to say I’m more of a brown thumb than a green one…and to grow each of those carrots probably cost me over 50 cents each once you factor in water, fertilizer, seeds, etc…so don’t worry – you’re not missing anything! I don’t know why I keep trying – I should really just cut my losses 🙂 I do it more for the kids than for me!

  2. crystal says:

    You are better off than I am. I am so not a gardener much to my mom’s dismay.

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