You Know It’s Really Summer When…

  • Pollen finally stops coating the window sills and car an icky green.
  • You wish you were as persistent at something (anything!) as the crabgrass and violets overrunning your lawn and garden.
  • You worry not only about dehydration, but also tooth decay, as you break down and serve Popsicles to the kiddos daily.
  • There’s nothing to watch on TV but reality shows.
  • Blueberries are finally in season and there’s something new to do with the kids! (If you can stand the heat in the fields, of course.)
  • No one under 6 goes to bed before 9, even if that’s what those over 30 would prefer to do themselves.
  • Bundling the kids up for winter is almost preferable to slathering on 2-3 coats of sunscreen a day.
  • Large, scary looking beetles attempt to enter the house on a regular basis (what they hope to find, I don’t know…or want to know.)
  • The lawn begins to die and turn brown because you’re too cheap green to water it.  Plants toted by Home Depot as “drought resistant” meet the same fate.
  • You’re tired of drinking water and so begin drinking Crystal Light and/or diet soda by the gallon (not realizing in your haste that said soda is caffeinated.)
  • Everyone is hot, cranky and tired and you let housework/yard work/anything to do with work slide.
  • The forecast calls for 5 consecutive days above 90 (which you just know will turn out to be more, because it always does.)
  • Your husband makes you shut down the computer because it’s generating heat.
  • You add central air, an in-ground pool, and a Tiki bar to your house wish list.
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One Response to You Know It’s Really Summer When…

  1. Domestiç Reclusë says:

    So true! LOL … except the last one… wish we had room for/could afford a pool. For now, there’s a kiddie pool out back & I am tempted to jump in it despite my size being one that’s “no longer kiddie”. 😉

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