The Winning Burger

Our friend and neighbor held a fabulous burger throw down on Saturday, and Glop’s mesquite burger was one of two that tied for first place.  (I will not get into the details about how he became the ultimate champion – let’s just say it involved water balloons.)  Go burger boy, go!

The throw down was a serious affair, with seven chefs pulling out all the stops to make the tastiest burger on our block.   Both gas and charcoal grills were aflame (of course Glop wheeled his two down the block).  Among the entrants were several yummy sausage and beef burgers, a turkey burger that wowed many, including my girls, sliders, and a gourmet mushroom-beef combo.

So what lengths did Glop go to to win this competition?  It wasn’t organic hot peppers or Kobe beef, that’s for sure.  With his permission, I’m proud to share some of his secrets:

For the patties:

80% ground beef (the fattier the better)


Monterey Jack cheese (we used store brand)

Poblano peppers (4 for 8 patties)

Pico de Gallo (chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalepeno, lime juice, salt – we used a William-Sonoma recipe similar to this one).

Guacamole (only homemade will do – email me for the recipe at

Glop used lump charcoal as opposed to briquettes.  He first brushed the poblanos with olive oil and grilled them.  He then oiled and grilled the rolls (we used a sesame seed hard roll).  Finally he added about two handfuls of mesquite wood chips, soaked in water for 1/2 hour, to the charcoal, and grilled the burgers.  Yum!

Kudos to the couple who undertook hosting our rowdy crowd (we had so much fun we never got to rototilling on Sunday) and thank you for the awesome prize bag, which included a gift certificate to the new Beer Store, chocolate, wing sauce, BBQ sauce, and Iguana hot sauce.  To our competitors:  We thoroughly enjoyed all the culinary showmanship and taste-testing.

I heard a rumor today that Glop will be called upon to defend his title at next year’s throw down…he says BRING IT ON!

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2 Responses to The Winning Burger

  1. Bubbles says:

    GREAT JOB, GLOP!! When are you coming to my block for a throw down??

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