Bye Bye Fire Pit, Hello Smoker

Well, I can really put the fire pit episode behind me now.  A friend with a legitimate patio is “borrowing” it forever for an unspecified period of time.  I can now appreciate the perks of having an open fire (think s’mores) without any of the dangers.  However, a new fire-breathing beast has taken its place on our deck – The Smoker.  I don’t think it’s much safer to have on a deck than the fire pit, but at least it has a cover that fits.

Glop has wanted a smoker for a long time (noticing a trend here with his wish list items), but couldn’t sway me until a neighbor brought over some smoked beef for me to try.  All I could say was WOW – smoked meat is really that much better than grilled, broiled, sauteed, roasted or stewed.  I did a little research to find out just how much these things cost and was as surprised by the price tag as I was by the smoker’s results.  The Green Egg, which is the top-of-the-line smoker, goes for $700, and Weber models start around $250.  Smoked meat is good, but not that good (though Glop would beg to differ). So we ended up paying $20 for a 17″ diameter Brinkmann (retails for $75) on Craigslist.

Glop was so excited he cleaned it out that weekend and smoked us some ribs.  YUM.  And then we did a 14 lb. turkey.  Even YUMMIER.  Now Glop is on a roll, with plans to smoke a turkey a different way each month (and for every holiday, too, of course).  The only problem with this?  Glop assured me at the outset that the smoker worked much like a crockpot, with way better results.  The reality is he spends much of his day “tending” the smoker.  Hope it doesn’t come down to me or the smoker one day, ’cause I’m pretty sure I’d lose.

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One Response to Bye Bye Fire Pit, Hello Smoker

  1. Terri says:

    Now Unc wants one!! I think there is abit of pyro in Glop!!!!

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