My New Year’s Resolutions

Here are just a few that come to mind, in no particular order:

1)      Get organized – closets, fridge, basement (very scary right now), pantry, laundry room, garage.

 Hmmm…already feeling overwhelmed.  Well, if I can make it past #1, here are the rest:

2)      Hold yard sale to get rid of all extraneous stuff cleaned out of above-mentioned areas (fridge being the exception, of course – that would be gross).

3)      Haul all broken junk to the dump (I have not been there in the four years since we moved here – that says a lot about how much work I have to in those closets!).

4)      Finish NaNoWriMo novel.  Only made it to 30K words, so at least 20K more or until the story reaches some kind of conclusion.

5)      Potty train the A.  Have purchased 12 pairs of magical princess underwear in the hopes that she will be so enamored with her new pantalettes she will not dare to soil them.

6)      Teach S. how to tie her shoes.  Have garnered several tips from other parents and will report here on successful tactics used, if any.

Note how I am actually making New Year’s resolutions for my children!

7)      Say “no” more often.  (Glop will appreciate.)

8)      Finish the *&#@ kitchen before 2013.

9)      Spend more time with Glop (i.e., find reliable evening babysitter).

10)  Do more of what I enjoy:  reading, writing, yoga, crafting, playing piano.

11)  Get outside more.

12)   Blog more, of course.  At least more than once every two months!

I’m sure I have about a zillion more resolutions I could add to the list, but don’t we all?

Good luck with your own resolutions and Happy New Year!

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