My Little Apple Lover

J first visit to the apple orchard

JuJu Bee shares highlights from her first trip to the apple orchard:   “These apples are mine. All mine!”

J eats an apple at the apple orchard

“I think I can eat every apple here. Today. What, ma? We have to pay for these? Put it on my tab.”

S in the apple orchard

“Look at S. clowning around when she could be eating apples!”


“A. shows me apples, apples everywhere.”

J running through the apple orchard.

“La, la, la…I’m just going to run away and steal as many apples as I can while mom and dad yell at my silly siblings.”

J eating ice cream in the orchard

“What is this? Incredible. Even better than apples!”

J smiling in the apple orchard

“Best day ever.”

And this is why we keep having children.  They’re so darn cute!

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3 Responses to My Little Apple Lover

  1. Grandma says:

    What a bunch of cuties!!! Love the pics!

  2. gardenerat60 says:

    So very cute.. The baby and the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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