Snow Day January 27, 2015

The view is of the Blizzard of 2015 ripping through my backyard this morning (just kidding, we haven’t really seen any high winds.  At least not yet).  More snow than we’ve seen in one go in a long time, though.  It’s a little overwhelming and unsettling. Apparently, we are still not to the mid-point of this storm  Home with the kids, and Glop, all day today.  Of course ALL the girls got up very early, so now we can really maximize our unstructured time together.  Yikes!  What’s our game plan?

Yesterday, it all seemed clear to me. I bought Perler beads and supplies for making t-shirts and Valentine’s Day cards.  I made lists.  We can bake muffins.  We can grow Lima beans in a bag.  We can make ice cream out of snow.  If we all get really bored we can clean out the basement.  Or, I can just let it all go and see where the day takes us.  That’s really what snow days are for, right?

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