Snow Day Number Four…Going Stir-Crazy

The snow is closing in on us.  Or rather, closing us in.  My driveway is shrinking, with piles of snow four feet high on either side and snow banks the size of small mountains blocking my view of the street.  There’s got to be two feet of snow on my roof.  Driving the kids to school, I feel like I’m in a labyrinth. The streets grow narrower and more dangerous with each storm. There is no where left to put snow, and yet it keeps on coming.  Physically and mentally, it’s wearing me down.

At the start of this winter, I viewed having a snow day as a welcome break from my hectic routine. I was happy to have a day off from the morning rush, carpool, after school activities and other obligations that had me dashing hither and yon at breakneck speed.  I was eager to spend a little extra unscheduled time with my girls (I posted my more Utopian views on snow days here a mere two weeks ago.)

Well, now I’m done.  But apparently this winter is not done with me.  School is cancelled yet again today.  Snow day number four for us.  When you’ve already had three snow days in two weeks, it’s hard to muster enthusiasm for yet one more.

Don’t get me wrong – the girls are really good at entertaining themselves.  The big ones, anyway.  They craft like crazy, play with their pet shops, put on shows, and practice gymnastics.  Sometimes they even sort laundry to make a buck.  They’re amazing. Toddler is a bit more of a challenge, as she mostly interrupts her big sister’s games and wreaks havoc on their projects with markers and safety scissors.  Having all three of them home for a full day can be a real experience.  The mess can be catastrophic.

It’s sad that I’m feeling like a snow hater, when I have done my utmost to embrace winter.  I went so far outside my comfort zone as to take up downhill skiing, for goodness’ sake.  Yesterday, I went for a walk on slushy roads in my neighborhood, a true adventure when there is a plow at your back and you’re wondering where to hide out while it passes.  Because there is no “side of the road” anymore. I even shoveled a path through my backyard so the kids would go outside for more than five minutes (there were many complaints about the snow being too deep to play in…sigh).

But still, I’m feeling fidgety and restless.  I understand why they close down the whole world when it snows like this, but I don’t want another break in my routine tomorrow.  We missed school, gymnastics, and swimming just last Monday. We’ll miss it all, plus a dentist appointment, again today.  I won’t be able to get out to the Y for a class or go to story time at the library.  Doing all these things is how I survive being a stay-at-home-mom.

The first day of spring is only six weeks away, but I think we’ll be buried in snow until June or July, at this rate.  Time for me to dig deep and unearth a bright side…and put on the dreaded television.  At least we’re not snowbound with the stomach virus. We have all the right tools: a snow blower, a roof rake, helpful neighbors, plenty of firewood and wine. We don’t need to be anywhere but with each other.  Before I know it (I have to hope), these feelings of unrest will melt away, along with all this snow.



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