Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog.  I originally started Glip and Glop to chronicle the ups and downs of life as a suburban homeowner.  At the time, it was summer and things were really happening around the house.  We were fixing up the kitchen, repairing the porch, putting in a lawn – the whole nine yards.  But then life pulled us in different directions and work on the house took a back seat.  So now this blog is more of a journal about my life as a stay-at-home-mom, raising two three sweet little girls in Southern New Hampshire.  Some days I talk about potty training, others I kvetch about the weather or ramble on about what we’re having for dinner – just those ordinary parts of life that someday I will look back on and smile about, realizing they weren’t so ordinary after all.  And for anyone who’s interested, there will still be plenty of stories about my adventures in home improvement.

I am keeping my original “About” posting, below, as part of this page.  After all, if I were writing this all down in a notebook, I don’t think I’d just tear it all out and throw it away.


Hi and welcome!  I’m Glip, and my husband is Glop.  We have always wanted to own a home and now, four years into it, we are working through the ups and downs of being masters of our own domain.   This blog chronicles the love-hate relationship we have with our 1970 colonial and how we try to work around its quirks and our kids to make it a home.  From DIY projects to hiring contractors to interior decorating, I share it all here.  We try to be a green family, we try to stick to a budget, and we definitely don’t always know what we’re doing, no matter how much we research we do before we pick up a tool.

More About Glip

I’m a mostly stay-at-home mom who does some paid freelance writing on the side.  I have two beautiful little girls,  Sunny and Abby, and we live in Southern New Hampshire.  I’ll be the first to admit that parenting small children definitely makes maintaining and improving a home more challenging than it might otherwise be.

About Our House

It’s over 40 years old, it’s lemon yellow, and it’s at the top of a hill in what I think must be the best neighborhood around.  I’m surrounded by friendly stay-at-home moms with kids the same ages as my own.  They’re how I survive motherhood and home ownership.  Together, we gripe about it all.  I must confess my house is not falling down or in a major state of disrepair – it’s just here, sucking my time and energy away with needs that I cannot, as a good neighbor and conscientious Type A home owner, ignore.  It needs to be maintained, updated, and nurtured to an extent I never thought possible.  I’m sure there are a lot of homeowners out there with situations far worse than mine.  This is just a blog about my experience, for others to take from it what they will.


4 Responses to About

  1. Hi there! I’m an avid follower of your blog,as I too, have entered the “homeowner” crowd (as a noob) and boy, it sure can be quite a handful! I noticed that you’re also a SAHM, so I was wondering if you’d like to join my new SAHbbatical blog-hop for Stay-At-Home parents?

    I have you listed on my blogroll but with that list growing & taking up a lot of real estate on my blog, I plan on removing the blogroll altogether… Before I do, I wanted to give those on my blogroll the opportunity to be showcased in my SAHbbatical blog-hop instead. I think it has the potential to become a great method of encouraging guests to mingle amongst particular blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your homeowner experiences with a fellow SAHM like myself; hope to see you again soon!

    • glip says:

      Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I would love to be part of the SAHbbatical blog-hop – what a great idea. Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I started following you when I found you on SAHbbatical 🙂 Looking forward to visiting more!

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