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Tales from the Crock Pot

What’s on my mind most mornings, despite now having three kids instead of two, is still “What’s for dinner?”.  A previous post on this topic goes into great detail about my lack of skills at the range. Long story short, … Continue reading

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Greek Yogurt at its Best

Greek yogurt is very “in” as a health food right now and has just recently made its appearance in our fridge thanks to Glop.  Over and over, he tells me how good it is for me.  I admit it is … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Fire Pit, Hello Smoker

Well, I can really put the fire pit episode behind me now.  A friend with a legitimate patio is “borrowing” it forever for an unspecified period of time.  I can now appreciate the perks of having an open fire (think … Continue reading

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The Winning Burger

Our friend and neighbor held a fabulous burger throw down on Saturday, and Glop’s mesquite burger was one of two that tied for first place.  (I will not get into the details about how he became the ultimate champion – … Continue reading

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Microwave Meatloaf – It’s a Revelation!

Well, maybe it’s not that great.  But it is surprisingly good! Last time we had temps above 90 this summer, I was totally unprepared.  So, realizing how hot it was going to be this week, I got my act together … Continue reading

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