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Getting from Here to Happier

I like to think that most days, I am a happy, or at least content, person.  Most things in my life run along smoothly.  I’ve got a loving husband and three happy, healthy daughters; I am on good terms with my … Continue reading

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My Secret Stress Buster: Crafting with the Kids

I scored some beautiful Valentine’s Day-themed paper in the dollar section of my favorite store (Target, of course) and the girls and I got to work making decorations for the house.  One of the things I love about doing arts … Continue reading

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Halloween DIY Decoration Gone Awry

I know – they don’t look like much.  Now.  They worked well as a centerpiece until we used the candles and all the candy corns began to disappear.  That’s what happens to edible decor around here.  (And no, the kids … Continue reading

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Homemade Laundry Soap – Will it Work?

I made my own laundry soap and was surprised to find it actually works better than the many name brand varieties I’ve tried.  I have a high efficiency washing machine and was a little reluctant to put my concoction of … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Grass!

I was so excited to wake up to a sea of baby grass on Friday.  What a rush – I guess I’m really a suburbanite now.  Will it all last?  It’s too early to say.  But Glop’s talents at the … Continue reading

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Why Did I Open My Big Mouth?

Just when we were beginning to feel like we were getting somewhere with our DIY projects, we got slapped with another reminder that  it’s the house that controls the homeowner, and not the other way around. Yesterday, Glop and I … Continue reading

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It Takes More Than Paper and Paste to Make Your Own Pinata

The instructions posted all over the Internet make it sound deceptively easy to make your own pinata.  Three or four layers of paper mâché – no problem, right?  Mix up a little flour and water and voilà, you have paste.  … Continue reading

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