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What You Get for Being an Impatient Gardener

Dying to know if we managed to grow something edible in our garden, I pulled some carrots today: Not exactly something you’d find at Whole Foods.  The picture makes them look larger than they actually are.  The one below gives … Continue reading

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How to Keep Kids Busy in the Garden

This one’s really easy, as long as you don’t mind making it bath night.   Kids will stay busy in the garden for hours if you give them free reign with water – from a spray bottle, watering can, hose, bucket, … Continue reading

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Luffas Gone Wild: Scenes from the Transplant

This year, instead of buying my luffa sponge at Target, I’ll be harvesting it from the garden.  I hope.  I have been instructed to grow these gourd-like fruits by Sonya.  She was paging through a soap-making book and came across … Continue reading

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Getting the Garden Going

One thing I do love about owning my own home is gardening.  Especially right now, when there’s plenty of time to plan and dream and no weeds to worry me for a couple more weeks. This year, we’re  continuing our … Continue reading

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