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Taking it All On the Road

Fourth of July is approaching, school is out, and the season of family travel is in full swing.  It’s time to pack up Glop, Sun, Ab, and our beta and hit the road. It once was so easy to jump … Continue reading

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Dinner Improv Disasters

Mystery meat’s got nothin’ on what I served up this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I freely admit I am not a  good cook, even on my best days in the kitchen.  I burn teapots, forget key ingredients for soups (celery), … Continue reading

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HHWs: What’s in Your Garage?

This weekend, I was planning to pack up all the old cleaners, paints, and other assorted chemicals that have accumulated in my garage over the last three years and drive them to the town dump.  I jumped online yesterday to … Continue reading

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Too many shoes, and other organizing woes

It has come to my attention that shoes are quickly overtaking my living space.   Baskets, bins, and boot trays simply aren’t enough to contain them all.  What’s that you say?  Why can’t I just get rid of a few?  Well, … Continue reading

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