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39 new things

I thought about my neglected blog today and decided to seize the moment.  So while I should be paying bills, washing dishes, folding laundry, exercising, and doing almost anything else, I’m going to write about turning 39. I turned 39 … Continue reading

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Snow Day January 27, 2015

The view is of the Blizzard of 2015 ripping through my backyard this morning (just kidding, we haven’t really seen any high winds.  At least not yet).  More snow than we’ve seen in one go in a long time, though. … Continue reading

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Why We Are Skiing, Toddler and All

Glop and I have not done any alpine skiing in 10 years.  I have not skied more than three times in my entire life.  So why is our family of five, toddler included, suddenly embracing this terribly expensive, environmentally unfriendly, dangerous, not to … Continue reading

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Climbing Mount Monadnock: A Birthday Wish Fulfilled

Last Saturday was the kind of chilly, drizzly autumn day in New Hampshire that makes you want to sleep in and lounge around in your pajamas.   Who would want to climb a mountain in weather like that, for fun, on … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Rejoining Facebook

I recently rejoined Facebook after about a three-year hiatus.  I had suspended my account after realizing a) how much time I was spending perusing posts from people, some of whom I hardly even know and b) how annoyed I was … Continue reading

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Race Day: What I Won

No cramps. No aches. No pains. No drama.  (No pictures of me running, either, but that’s what happens when your key supporter has to stay home and babysit!)  We finished the Applefest Half Marathon Relay without incident or injury, with … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Blogging

It has been…ahem…over a year since I last posted.  But I have a really good reason – I had baby number three.  The chaos, noise, crying and overall pandemonium that has ensued could take up a good seven or eight … Continue reading

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